Business Overview

CIBT offers business and management programs in healthcare, hotel management, language training, Ontario high school diploma and over 150 career, language and vocational programs.

Global Education City Holdings Inc., Vancouver, Canada

Global Education City Holdings Inc. (“GEC”) is an investment holding and management company with a special focus on education related real estate projects in Canada. In the school year of 2012-2013, the province hosted more than 112,800 international students from K-12 and post-secondary schools. The province plans to increase the number of international students 50% by 2016. With a vacancy of only 0.3% in some areas of Metro Vancouver, students, especially international ones, face great difficulty in finding affordable housing. Starting in 2013, CIBT initiated plans to diversify its core business of education to include student residences through GEC. This move was not a simple expansion of the company but that of a strategic one. CIBT can leverage the vast amount of students it has access to and now channel them into its housing projects.

Since then, GEC has developed a network of serviced apartments and hotels throughout the Metro Vancouver area, each at a centralized location and within approximately five minutes walking distance from a Skytrain station. In addition to serviced apartments, GEC also offers a variety of other services such as international student landing service, hot meals, after school activities, shuttle bus to and from nearby schools, private tutoring, excursion activities for the weekends, and student counseling. These services are designed to provide safe, secure, and convenient environment for international students to study, relax and enjoy their stay in Canada.

Since 2014, the company commenced has more than $100 mm worth of real estate projects. Out of all the projects in the pipeline, the most anticipated project is the Education Super Center, which will be first of its kind in North America, aggregating a number of multidisciplinary public and private schools at one location, including language schools, colleges, and universities, supported by long and short-term stay hotels connected to the Education Super Center. With shared auditoriums, video conference centres, electronic library, I.T. centre, job placement agencies and a cafeteria, the operating costs of schools located in the Education Super Center are greatly reduced, while at the same providing convenience and superior services to students and teachers alike.

Sprott Shaw College, Vancouver, Canada

Over 112 years ago, Robert James Sprott partnered with William Henry Shaw of Shaw Colleges in 1903 to open the first Sprott Shaw school, called Vancouver Business Institute. Their development plan included four schools in Vancouver, one in Nanaimo and one in Victoria. In 1913, RJ Sprott and James Beatty opened Sprott Shaw College in Victoria. The College continues to this day, after surviving economic recessions, two World Wars and the Great Depression, which have all contributed to its strong foundation today.

Always striving to offer the right programs based on the needs of the community, Sprott Shaw designed programs to retrain military personnel after the Second World War. The training included Morse Code, Radio Broadcasting and Aviation. The college established a broadcast station for the school with a signal being picked up as far away as Hawaii. The station was known as CKMO, which is now 1410 CFUN. The legendary broadcasters Jack Cullen and Ernie Rose were graduates of the school. Many well-known students, including world renowned artist Emily Carr, spent time with Sprott Shaw on their journey towards accomplishing their dreams.

Sprott Shaw has maintained a sharp focus to provide relevant skills for meaningful jobs in high growth industries. Employing the principles of adult education theory, the curriculum has expanded to include much more than office training, as students now train for careers in trades, healthcare, tourism, hospitality, business, administrative and international studies.

The modern campuses of Sprott Shaw now educate over 4,000 students each year. All locations feature small class sizes, qualified instructors, hands-on training and a friendly, appropriate learning environment for adults of all ages. During the past century, Sprott Shaw College has built a solid reputation with both the private sector and government. This reputation is based not only on training excellence, but also on Sprott Shaw graduates’ enviable record of securing successful jobs after training. In all cases, the College’s goal is to help students to obtain employment at the conclusion of their studies and to open the door for life-long learning.

Sprott Shaw Language College, Vancouver, Canada

At Sprott Shaw Language College (“SSLC”), the core competence is teaching English through different methodologies or programs to international students; they have done so for over 20 years and to over 150, 000 international students. With locations in Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, and Toronto, students have the option to experience and study in different areas in Canada!

The college can cater to a student’s unique level of skills, and students can chose and combine classes based on their individual wants and likes. SSLC offers international students new experiences, new challenges, and new ways to learn English. Students at SSLC have access to academic advising to guide them on the right path. In addition to ESL, SSLC also offers numerous test preparation programs; IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, CAE, and FCE, and language enhancement programs; Powerspeaking and Modern Media, and Business English. As well, SSLC has numerous partnerships with colleges and universities through its’ comprehensive English for Post-Secondary Education; IEPE and EPE pathway programs.

Vancouver International College, Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver International College (“VIC”) is an international college dedicated to providing students with the best English language learning environment. VIC offers courses with special English language concentrations such as Business English, Medical English and IELTS test preparation.

Since inception 16 years ago, VIC has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the English language training industry and has educated over 20,000 students. VIC is particularly known for its’ Speaking Clinic and Real Canadian Pronunciation classes. Students are invited to learn in student-centred  classrooms where they are guaranteed lots of one-on-one feedback and error correction from their TESL Canada – Certified  instructors. VIC also offers one of the only English for Children and Families programs in the downtown Vancouver core, where families with children and teens can study together and experience Vancouver together.

CIBT Schools, China

  • Beihai International College at Weifang University, Shandong, China
  • CIBT International School in Weifang, Shandong, China
  • CIBT School of Business at Guangzhou University, Guangzhou, China
  • Jin Hua CIBT GLN Center, Zhejiang, China

Students of CIBT’s schools in China are recent high school graduates or adults working in urban centers. CIBT believes that its core educational programs in business, healthcare, hotel and tourism management represent large and growing markets with attractive employment opportunities. CIBT’s programs and services in China are provided on campus or via CIBT’s Global Learning Network organized within an established local university or college through cooperation agreements between CIBT and the respective university or college.

Each of the GLN centers is equipped with video conferencing technology to enhance the learning experience of students by connecting North American instructors with Chinese students in a live and real time video conference environment. Located in Guangzhou and Weifang, CIBT School of Business and Beihai International College are accredited post-secondary education providers.

CIBT’s management believes prospective students are attracted to its schools due to its brand name, the quality of its programs, its relatively long operating history in the private education sector, its extensive international network and its ability to provide training which is relevant in obtaining jobs from multinational corporations and other employers in China and elsewhere.

Global Education Alliance Inc., Canada, China, Philippines and Vietnam

Global Education Alliance (“GEA”) is the premier solution for international students seeking to study in North America. Headquartered in Canada with infrastructure in various countries, GEA provides a global support system that ensures the study experience in North America is safe, productive, and enjoyable.

The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is the national regulatory body authorized by the Government of Canada to regulate the Canadian immigration consulting industry. GEA’s Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) is a member in good standing with ICCRC. In recognition of the unique immigration concerns of international students, GEA’s services also include Canadian immigration advisory and representation services. Paired with GEA’s in-depth expertise in Canadian education matters, GEA is able to provide practically relevant and timely advice to students hoping to study, work, and possibly immigrate to Canada.

Global Education Alliance is accredited by the International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF). ICEF offers various solutions and enhancements to support the growth in the international education sector. Following a rigid selection process to ensure that only relevant key players are acknowledged, ICEF has built its database of the world’s top educators and agents in terms of performance quality. In 2010, ICEF started giving formal recognition to education agents who have passed their standard of quality considered to be the strictest in the industry. Having met ICEF’s quality control, GEA gained the ICEF Agency Status which ensures student clients and partner institutions of the highest quality in education consultation.